Yes. Although we offer many different services, you can hire us if you just need a Photobooth or just a DJ.

We advise you to book as soon as you are ready. We accept bookings up to 2 years in advance with a down-payment.

We have an extensive list of equipment; Ambient Lights, Moving Heads, Up-Lights, PA speakers and sub-woofers, HD-4K cameras, 50″ TVs, LED Backdrops, Wireless Microphones and much more.

Hire Team-Luxe if you need professional assistance at your event. We are always on time, work well with everyone and offer a ton of services. Our goal is to turn your event into a smashing success.

When you hire a Video DJ, you get to hear the music (just like a regular DJ) but also see the Music Videos of the songs being played. You can alternatively see ambient videos, party photos or a live video feed instead of Music Videos. So Video DJs help transform the ambiance of your venue. Videos are shown via large TVs or projectors.

Our Djs play whatever music you request.

Yes, we can print on-site or you can choose no-print option which cost less than printing on-site. If you don’t want printing, your guest will still be able to text or email the photos to themselves soon after it is captured inside the Photobooth.

Yes. We are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. See links at the bottom of this page.